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Projects Completed


 12 -two bedroom apartment complexes that are now occupied by the Temple priests and their families.


An entrance from Route 202/206

         The main entrance to the Temple was moved from residential Old Farm Road to US Hwy rt.206/202 with a driveway   across existing Brown road that is now named Balaji Temple Drive.


        This new entrance improved safety for devotees to make turns at signalized intersection and reduced traffic impact for residents along Old Farm road.

        The entrance from Old Farm road is permanently closed except for special occasions.

        With this new driveway entrance, our address has also changed to “1 Balaji Temple Drive”.

Additional parking with underground drainage and utilities, completed to facilitate expansion of temple and construction of our new Cultural Center.

Temple's cafeteria, this expanded cafeteria, complete with the needs of a modern kitchen, was completed in an astounding three weeks with a low budget. Run by the Temple management, this recent expansion better serves our devotees and their families.

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